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Welcome to Astron

Astron Brass Component is located in Jamnagar, Gujarat - India. We produce various kinds of Brass Components. Besides standard products we produce customized products also.

Our in-house manufacturing plant facilitates high quality products. Our Factory is equipped with control high precision machines, CNC tooling centers, grinding and milling machines. Highly skilled team utilizing the latest technologies at Astron is committed to delivering a manufacturing and turning process that is fully controlled and managed to meet the quality and specific requirements and tolerances expected by our clients.

The company is engaged in the business of manufacturing Brass Bushings, Brass Electrical Components, Brass Hydraulic & Gas Fittings, Brass Auto Parts, Brass Stop Plugs, Brass Threaded Pipes & Sanitary Fittings, Brass Inserts, Nut-Bolts, Screw & other Fasteners, Brass Balls & Decorative Components and Brass Precision Components.

Excellent quality control, sound infrastructure, and timely delivery make us a wise choice for discerning companies looking to outsource precision components manufacturer from India. We, at ASTRON BRASS COMPONENTS, specialize in manufacturing a wide range of 100% customized highly precise and accurate assemblies & components from of wide range of materials ranging from Excursion castings, Brass.

Our Products Range

Quality Policy


We shall strive to delight the customer by continuously improving the quality of its products and services through:
1. Development and involvement of employees and vendors.
2. Continuous up gradation of Technology, Process and Systems.

  • Inspection of row material chemical properties like copper, zinc and other elements.

  • Inspection of row material physical properties like tensile, elongation, izod and hardness.

  • Statical process control through venier caliper, micro meter, thread pitch micro meter, go and not go ring gauges and plug gauges.

  • Stick visual inspection.

  • Final inspection at the time of shipment with statical measuring technologies like, mean standard deviance etc..

  • Latest Engineering & Machining technologies

  • Stringent quality check measures

  • Timely delivery schedules

  • Extensive manufacturing facilities

  • Industrious team

  • Competitive pricing

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